Barcode DJs

Barcode DJs
rave-noise-techno, sound bombing, radical recycling
Lighthouse X Kollab eseménysorozat
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Barcode DJs is live multimedia performance played on barcodes in grocery store or on stage. I’ts a contravention of stereotypes in thousands markets with beeping barcode readers nonstop. The band of experimental musicians create surreal associations between the sounds of cash desks and unique products. They are bringing an environmental context on the chaotic noise backround, supported by strong beat.
Barcode djs makes you think about trash and waste in different ways. When considering word trash, we can mean classic garbage, or bullshit comming out from mainstream culture. Here we think about booth means in paralel way.
Every package of product found in supermarkets around the globe, carries barcode for identification at cash desk. Theese ID’s are barcodes, connecting word of trash with word of capitalism. Each barcode is unique, so each product can have different individuality. Barcode Djs are using these individualities, to control custom made software based on open source software model.
We use scanners which are used by markets right now, and open software highlighting independance and freedom. We point on trash overload, problem of the whole world.
We use terms recycling, reusing, trash handling, junkyards, sustainability to point out one of the important global problems, The trash!