LIGHTHOUSE presents: Evolve – Immersive Live A/V Performance by Andras Nagy & Makro VJ & Siblicity
The Lighthouse Association was established in Debrecen to become an international centre for light culture, preserve the heritage of Hungarian science and art while providing a space for contemporary projects and take an active role in developing the future. A place where science, technology, innovation, education and art can meet and work together, where nature and scientific-, educational- and cultural institutes and persona can create an inspiring ecosystem dedicated to the aspects of thinking about and working with light.
Siblicity, the collaboration between Gabor (Disandat) & Peter Halasz (Almond Lama) was first presented as an online radio programme on radiOzora. Although originally emerged as a platform for the brothers to compose DJ sets while playing either together or solo, the idea of shifting towards performing their own productions has been present since the beginning.
Funding TOTIM Records and Sepia Sound Studio at a vivid independent art complex in the suburbs of Budapest enabled the Siblings to manifest their almost two-decade experience in contemporary music into producing their own sound while also starting several musical collaborations.
While the Brothers have appeared on festival and club stages around Europe presenting live shows from techno to ambient they also expanded into immersive A/V collaborations and delivered several unique experiences.

Makro VJ
We form a VJ duo under the name Makró, experiment with social, interactive projections and workshops, using a digital microscope (with 100-300x magnification), projector, and the forms of nature.
In 2018, at Budapest guerilla parties, we realized the possibility of creating an unusual alternative of cinematic entertainment during the well-known party atmosphere. Music is one of the most important drivers of our compositions, we draw inspiration from the work of many talented creators. We are happy to work with artists who are open to creating a common audiovisual experience mostly from the genre of chill, ambient, downtempo and dubtechno. Through the macro lens, you can gain an insight into the invisible depths of nature’s organic and geometric shapes. The subjects of our exploration are the pieces of our ever-expanding collection (which we call Wunderkammer) and the personal belongings of the current audience.
Participants’ curiosity, interactions, and form-breaking ideas provide that Makró projections are always unique and unrepeatable.
András László Nagy [XYZ]
András László Nagy was born in Budapest. He studied visual arts and classical music hoping to find the best possible way to combine the two. The right time came in 2012 he faced his own future through a building projection which proved to be a milestone in shaping his own vision. While he was studying audio engineering he had the opportunity to gain experience in renowned Hungarian clubs and venues where he came across plenty of like minded artists who had an inspiring impact on his career.
He made several audio-visual installations and performances and began to run TouchDesigner workshops. After many successful world wide events he was invited to jury and represent TouchDesigner in the Moscow Art Vision festival 2018. 
In 2020 he started to make kinetic light installations. One of his piece called “Iris” won the Hungarian Master of Light 2022.
The main focus point in his work is to find innovative visual language in the field of generative and interactive media. His unique style is well recognizable from its abstract minimalistic elements and sinestatic compositions.